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Anime Impulse SEASeattle, WAMay 18-19AK8
AnimazementRaleigh, NCMay 24-26H03
MomoConAtlanta, GAMay 24-26AA-1619
Offkai Expo Gen3Burlingame, CAMay 31-Jun 27
Anime ExpoLos Angeles, CAJul 4-7i12
EVO USALas Vegas, NVJul 19-21tba
OtakonWashington, DCAug 2-4B 107

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AX2023 Catalog

Most things

Free things!

  • Trash-kun sticker (free with any HSR purchase)

  • Stelle Light Cone (gold foil clear file) (free with all orders 50+)

Hiyo! I'm Yokura, or Yoku for short.

I love to draw. I love to create.To me, there is nothing I enjoy more than consuming and participating in media. I love reading, watching, playing all different kinds of entertainment that people create, and that their ideas will last forever, especially with the advent of the internet, is a romantic notion I hold near my heart.Today-- my dream is to inspire everyone to live just a little bit better

Commissions & BUsiness inquiries

Pricing Estimate (USD)
Thigh Up - $350 +
Full Body - $450 +
Commercial Rights: +100%
Redistribution Rights: +200%

Included in price:
– Deliverable: Digital art file (usually PSD format)
– Open communication via Email/Discord
I reserve the right to:
– Display works in my portfolio & social media
– Post/Stream work progress (unless specified otherwise)

Will Draw:
– Fanart
– Original Characters
– Merchandise (ie. mousepads, dakis, keychains)
Will Not Draw:
– Real People
– NFT related work

Model art: $2400+ (Rig ready PSD)
Character Design: $600+
Character Reference Sheet: + $600 (Front, back, accessories)

Yokura’s General Terms of Service

Hello there, and thank you for showing interest in commissioning me! This contains my general terms of service to give you an idea of what I need for your project and what you can expect from me.First off, there’s some information that I would appreciate being included in your inquiry. This information includes:
– Type of commission
– Design references
– Any addons or specific details you would like included beyond the initial scope of the commission
After reviewing your commission inquiry, if I choose to accept your commission I will respond to you with an initial quote for the project, an estimated timeline for the project, and any additional questions I may have upon reviewing your inquiry.
Before starting on your project, I will send you an invoice for an initial deposit in order to secure your project’s spot on my schedule. Any addons or additional work must be discussed prior to the date I start your project. If any major changes in the project are made after the start date, I will have to charge you an additional fee as it could possibly affect the rest of my schedule. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me with them!

Business email: yoku@yoku.moe



Business email: yoku[ at ]yoku.moe

Please provide project details, visual references, and a deadline so that I may respond with a quote for you.

Thank you

I will try to get back to you ASAP.
If you haven't received a response within 3 business days, feel free to send it again. Or you can send it manually to
yoku [ at ] yoku.moe


HSR Trash Rally

Anime Expo 2023 Artist Alley
A free to play stamp rally hosted by Yokura.
12 participating artists

SF BART - Baylee

Mascot Character Design & Illustration for San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit

Character Design